TikTok Fundamentals: A Guaranteed Method to Success of TikTok Advertising in 2024

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Setting up your TikTok account is the easiest thing to do. Using the correct hashtags, posting engaging and unique content, and finding new followers can bring your business significant revenue. But, one place where many TikTok content creators and businesses get stuck is in developing suitable advertisements and reaching the target audience in the diverse world of TikTok.

What Happens When TikTok Ads Are Done Right Way?

When a TikTok advertisement is rightly done, the number of your TikTok followers is increased. This means that your account gets a wider audience that may keep on increasing with time. So, the secret of becoming successful on TikTok does not just lie in developing engaging content, but in advertising it in the best possible way as well.

To make sure that you have great success in establishing yourself on TikTok and to always remain successful over there, we have come up with a short yet effective guide to how you can increase TikTok followers through proper advertising.

Know Your TikTok Ad Type

Since every brand, influencer, or business present on TikTok is versatile, not every advertisement type is for you. For this purpose, you need to understand which ad type suits you the best. Mainly, TikTok Ads are divided into two types – those that focus on branding solutions, and then those whose main focus is e-commerce. These are further divided into various other types to make advertisements more effective.

Ad Types that Focus on Providing Branding Solutions

The purpose of these advertisements is to promote brand awareness among the target audience. These Ads eventually bring in more engagement to your account. You can also promote your website, business, or company’s app, and make the users click on the landing page of your website as well. 

Let’s have a look at how different types of branding solutions advertise types:

Type #1: The In-Feed Ads

The In-Feed Ads are the most successful way of reaching your target audience in a short time. These Ads appear in the “For You” feed of the users and leave their mark. These Ads let you achieve goals similar to full-funnel marketing. These Ads have more impact on the users as compared to television Ads.

Content creators use these Ads to promote their content. When a user clicks on your ad, they are directed to your account, or any other call-to-action button you have linked with it, thus driving more traffic.

One of the most popular features of In-Feed Ads is the Spark Ads. content creators and businesses use it to promote their organic content. So if you are a cinema owner and promoting a movie, the movie’s advertisement can lead the user to the link to purchase tickets online.

The In-Feed Ads are not just convenient to promote your TikTok account/business, but they are also very easy to set up and manage. You can easily get help from the TikTok Ads manager, develop your Ads at a very low cost, and reach your target audience easily and effectively.

Type #2: Top View Ads

Businesses that want to be in the limelight with no other content competing with them opt for the Top View advertisement. These Ads are an effective way of telling your brand’s story to the users using creativity. Almost 70% of businesses admit that they have reached the maximum audience by implementing the Top View Ads. These Ads also result in maximum sales as compared to any other types of advertisements focusing on branding solutions.

However, you cannot make and post Top View Ads on your own. For this, you have to book a placement with a TikTok agency, which then posts the Ads on their behalf.

Type #3: Ads Focusing on Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are very effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of the audience. The best thing is that your audience gets to interact with your brand by taking part in the challenge as well.

Branding hashtag challenges are the types of advertisements in which a brand creates a hashtag and urges its followers to take some sort of action in the form of making a video, performing a particular task, being associated with a cause etc.

This type of branding advertisement boosts engagement, creates a funnel impact, and lets a business have an organic reach to the audience. These Ads inspire people to participate, and they do not get the feeling that they are watching an advertisement.

For Ads based on Hashtag Challenges, you also have to make a reservation with TikTok beforehand.

Type #4: Advertisements Based on Branded Effects

You must have seen TikTok Ads where filters, effects, and stickers of different businesses and products are used. These Ads are TikTok Branded Effects, that any user can develop through the TikTok videos option. 

Just like the In-Feed Ads, these Ads also appear on the “For You” feed of the users. Users can also create content using your brand’s filters, thus increasing your reach, and interacting with your brand in a fun manner. However, they are reservation Ads and you need to contact TikTok to place them.

These Ads are enjoyable for the users because they are interactive, and have a higher audience reach apart from your existing ones. These advertisements let you have a far-flung reach and impact organically, mostly beyond your existing target audience as well.

Type #5: Reach and Frequency Ads

These Ads let you control who to and when your Ads appear on TikTok. This is helpful when you have a very specific audience in mind, and your campaign is targeting a certain number of your existing target customers as well.

This type of advertisement allows you to set the frequency of your Ads. However, targeting a limited number of audience does not mean that it will harm your brand. This method of advertisement guarantees success immediately.

This is a smart way of reaching the right audience.

Type #6: Top Feed Advertisements

Top feed advertisements are the first Ads that appear on the feed of the targeted TikTok users. For this, you have to purchase the premium spot.

With Top Feed Ads, brands get visibility, they have a higher impact on the users, and you get to be on top of the other advertisements that may appear after you.

However, it is also important that you develop Ads that are creative, interactive, and have a long-lasting impact on the viewer.

Type #7: Ad Types That Focus on Providing E-Commerce Solutions

These Ads let your business increase its sales by utilizing the platform to direct users to the landing pages or your business’s website to make a purchase.

There are different types of e-commerce Ads that you can take advantage of on TikTok.

#1: Collection Ads

If you want your users to have a full experience of online shopping through TikTok, then you should develop Collection Ads. These Ads let the users go through your products’ gallery, where they can view the collection you have specifically curated for them. These Ads are very popular among e-commerce stores as they let the users interact with them.

These Ads also give a personalized shopping experience to the users.

#2: TikTok Dynamic Showcase Advertisements (DAS)

DAS or Dynamic Showcase Advertisements are developed in real-time using an ad template for a seamless shopping experience for the users. These Ads, with the help of a template, import all the product information that you have uploaded into your business’s catalog. The catalog can be present anywhere – TikTok, your company’s website, Shopify, or any other e-commerce store.

These Ads not only help you gain TikTok likes but also improve the retargeting of the audience for the future. DAS optimizes your Ads and also saves time in managing different campaigns.

Through these Ads, you can not just target new customers but retarget the existing ones as well for a seamless shopping experience.

3: Deeplink Advertisements

These Ads send the users to the in-app locations with embedded links. These locations can be your store’s website, a specific landing page, or your store’s mobile app. This is a great way of getting the maximum ad performance in a short time. With Deep Link Ads, businesses can target the right audience, and improve engagement through the right marketing.

#4: Shopping Ads

TikTok shopping Ads are very popular as they let the sellers promote their businesses and products through videos, catalogs, and by coming live on their TikTok accounts. These help you reach a good audience and help in selling whatever products you are offering.

#5: Lead Generation Ads

TikTok Ads not only help you retain your existing customers but in reach a wider audience. You can utilize Lead Generation Ads to collect information on TikTok and utilize it for your e-commerce website.

These Ads come with a call-to-action (CTA) button that helps you understand what your existing and potential customers expect from you.

When TikTok users click on these Ads two things may happen. The ad can lead them to an Instant form on the app that will help them gather information about what kind of a business you are running, and provide their details, and what kind of products they expect you to sell.

Alternatively, the users can be redirected to your business’s website where they can provide their contact information directly.

Conclusion: TikTok Fundamentals for Best Advertising Campaigns in 2024

We hope that this guide will help you in deciding the best course of advertisement for your products. 2024 is all about TikTok and how you promote yourself over it to reach a wider audience, generate sales, and be successful.

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