Custom Greaseproof Paper for Special Occasions


Every detail becomes more important than ever for the loved ones. Drama is unquestionably essential for leaving a memorable impression on any kind of occasion, from a wedding to a birthday celebration to a business gathering.

Voila custom greaseproof paper is an exceptional and practical option that gives users a particular feel and flair of surprise in any event. Style your party with fashionable wraps and environmentally friendly packaging- let’s pry into the role of custom greaseproof paper on occasion.

Dress Up Your Dishes

Crank up a step and dip into printed greaseproof paper sheets for your food presentation. Say, amuse yourself with the option of having your logo or the logo of your establishment featured on the burger baskets, cake boxes, or serving trays. 

Not only does it serve its initial function to protect excess grease and moisture, but it can be customized and remembered because of how you decorated it.

Beyond Burgers

Greaseproof paper bags with greaseproof qualities are by no means just for yellow treats with extra fats and oils. Rather than just French fries and hamburgers, pick something else! Do them for the popcorn on movie nights, candy bars at birthday parties and so adorable little bags for small cakes as gifts. 

The greaseproof lining makes it easy to enjoy pies thoroughly and without making a mess, and the attractive print on it provides a graceful look.

Make a Lasting Impression

We deliver prints of greaseproof paper sheets with different seasonal topics such as holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and baby showers. It will give a festive touch to your occasion or a party. Go for a design that fits the theme and emboss names or dates on it. 

Subsequently, these sheets can be used in the serving of sandwiches, either on your platter or those of other people or you can make beautiful food cones and such with them.

Cost-Effective Elegance

Bars gatherings, restaurants, and cafes are all incomplete without greaseproof paper. For shopping, do not forget the bulk buy greaseproof paper wholesale to get the most value. Note the benefit of printing your logo or the easy-to-remember custom design on sheets so that it will promote brand recognition in every takeaway.

Eco-Aware Pleasure 

A friendly packaging to the environment using plastic as an alternative? Waxpapers wholesale provides a network of sustainable alternatives. These greaseproof paper discs are just the right thickness to prevent sandwiches from getting soggy, and secure in baskets and neatly boxed baked goods. 

Whether you wish to buy your packaging in boxes, sized-up packaging, or something else, source in large bulk to avoid costly shipping and reduce environmental impact.

Get Creative with Shapes

Such shapes as circles and triangles should not be counted as obstacles. Using custom die-cutting you can achieve that there are greaseproof sheets in various resonant shapes. They coincide with your theme very well. Candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, the stars of a patriotic celebration, or even your brand logo custom shapes that reflect them can all be seen in candy.

Heat Resistant and Microwave Safe

The usage of custom-printed greaseproof paper is not exclusively for cold treats. Lots of items manufactured today are microwave-safe and heat-resistant, consequently, they are fantastic for wrapping sandwiches, lining a pizza box, and even presenting warm pastries.

Beyond Food

Think outside the box! Apart from the food packaging, we can also use the printed grease-proof paper for more than that. Use it to line the gift baskets, wrap small packages or create themed multi-tier placemats. The possibilities are endless!

Food-safe and Biodegradable

If you would like to choose a custom greaseproof paper, select a food-safe material with biodegradable quality above all. Consequently, you will have no hassle ensuring the safety of our passengers and the quantity of your impact on the environment will be at its lowest level.

Unleash Your Inner Designer

Some providers give the possibility of applying a personal design for your custom greaseproof paper over the Internet. Put your logo or brand into the space, select the colour and font just like you may want, and decorate as much as you want! It’s an amusing and cheap formula to make your presentations more colourful for all the times you want to be more creative.


Selling time or engaged wrong, creating a unique greaseproof paper is a sushi revolution in the domain of special occasions. One of the features that set this material apart from the others is its diverse application, innovative customizability, and eco-friendly character allowing the product to be popular among the event and food service industries and a fine option for homes. Greaseproof paper serves as a perfect thing on which to pin and you will take your special occasions to the highest level.

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