Dream to live in the UK!! Know all about UK Citizenship

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There are a lot of people who want to move out of the place and therefore there are a lot of countries which they can choose to whenever they think of moving abroad, and the UK or the United Kingdom is such a country. If you think of moving out to the UK, it could be a great country and for that people need to go visit a proper visa and immigration consultants so that they know what are the main and basic procedures to move to the United Kingdom. 

Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility is the main thing that has to be done to move to any country. For moving to the UK, the UK government has fixed its eligibility criteria that have to be there to move to the UK. 

  • The main important factor is the age that has to be at least 18 years old to move to the UK as set forth by the UK government. Age is the fundamental aspect of getting citizenship of the country. 
  • Residency is another factor that has to be completed by the person so that the UK government has to be satisfied with so that the government knows that the individual follows the terms of the UK government and that includes living in the UK for a specific time. 
  • The main important thing is to know that you need to be out of a criminal record and to know what sorts of crime could be done by you should be aware of all the crimes that are there in the lists of the UK government and you could easily ask about them from the visa and immigration services in India which you are going to take from an agency. 
  • Having the knowledge of the English language and having its proficiency is another thing that has to be known by a citizen who wants to move to the UK because it will require them to know about the English language at best. Various tests can be taken by the citizens to know their English language proficiency that will be needed by the UK government and to learn about those tests you can always ask from the best Visa and immigration services that you have been taking. 
  • The final step is that the citizens must pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test that will assess their knowledge of British customs, society, history, and a lot more. This might be a difficult task but if you want to live there you should be aware of all the customs and history of the place as per the UK government rules. 

The next important thing to know about if you want to live in the UK is the documents that are required. 

Documents required 

This is the list of required documents for getting UK citizenship. 

  • Legal identification proof such as a driving licence, a passport, and a birth certificate.
  • Proof of the English language proficiency test.
  • Evidence of passing the ‘Life of UK’ test. 
  • Documents that demonstrate good conduct and residence in the UK, such as bank statements and other bills. 
  • Proof of indefinite leave and its status. 

Benefits of UK Citizenship 

So, you might wonder why to take UK citizenship; it comes with its own benefits. 

  • Passport Eligibility: having a British passport, comes with its ease of travel and additional rights and other privileges. 
  • Voting Rights: It gives you the voting rights in the British elections which could be a huge thing and it could also influence the democratic power of the country. 
  • Employment Opportunities: There are various options to work within the country which means that you can work freely and no one will ask you and you will be working without any restrictions. 
  • Tax Benefits: You can have tax benefits by being a UK citizen as you can individually enjoy your rights. 
  • Cultural Knowledge: You will get the chance to embrace British culture and society and will also learn about the vibrant community that has been there to enjoy. 
  • Freedom of Movement: You can easily move into any part of Europe, by having UK citizenship and other parts of the world without any restrictions. 
  • Services: You can easily get access to different services such as education, healthcare, and other societal benefits. 
  • Family Sponsorship: You can easily apply for your family sponsorship and get them UK citizenship easily. 


Now, you can easily understand that having UK citizenship could open up different doors and grab you different benefits which could be beneficiary for you and easily help you greatly in the future, that all could be done by getting a proper visa and immigration services from an agency. 

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