How can you Tell if Someone Bought Instagram Followers?

Instagram has become the most appealing tool for this fast-paced youth to express their skills, gain popularity, and generate money. People and brands are building a strong presence on this platform in order to keep track of progress.

With their content, people and brands attempt to engage with their target audience. They all supply the best content to their fans and publish regularly to attract as many people as possible. However, this is not the case for everyone, since not everyone on Instagram is as hardworking and honest. Still, there are ample people who come out as entrepreneurs and influencers who do not follow Instagram’s rules and seek shortcuts to attain fame through the realm of fake followers and fake popularity.

As all accounts look similar, it’s hard to tell who are the real influencers using their talent to increase followers and who are the legitimate accounts using spam accounts or fan-buying services to attain followers.

You must be speculative and curious to see people grow millions of followers all of a sudden but have no clue how to differentiate between their true success and fake followers.

What are fake followers?

Fake followers are fraudulent social media profiles that are used to mislead the audience and give them the incorrect impression of their popularity due to the large number of followers in the account.

These accounts are generally run by bots or people who want to artificially boost their following counts. These accounts are mostly idle, with no one to operate them; instead, they just follow accounts and raise their follower count.

How do people get these fake followers?

This turns out to be a business that generates money by supplying followers who are effective but will gather to give a huge number of followers to their list. There are various firms that are forming with the sole goal of delivering a large number of followers in exchange for money. These companies created accounts that appear to be real followers or active users.

But The question arises, how would you tell the difference between a genuine and a phony follower?

How can you tell the difference between real and fake followers?

There are currently no indicators or warnings displayed on Instagram to determine whether or not an account is fake, but it is critical to recognize such influencers and brands before making mistakes in making them your inspiration or before collaborating with them.

  1. Unbalanced followers-to-followers ratio– 

It is considerable for less famous personalities, as it is easy to check out their profiles and accounts based on their following-follower ratio. If they have more followers than followers, their account must be fake because they have done something significant to get millions of followers, which makes it obvious that they would have paid for things to take place in it.

  1. Checking out their followers thoroughly- 

Check out the followers that are consistently adding substantial numbers to their list to get a clear sense. The majority of accounts run by both companies typically lack real profiles, and if they do, those profiles are typical of strange items like remote controls or cartoon characters. Such followers usually have few or no posts of their own. These accounts are inactive and usually have a high number of following lists with zero or no followers in return; usually, their followings consist of small influencers or big brands.

  1. High followers but fewer likes-

Check out their posts, and the likes they received, and compare them to their follower count whenever you have any doubts about whether they are fake followers. If you compare their accounts to other accounts, you may notice that they receive extremely few likes. Take into account that their ID is heavily loaded with fake followers.

  1. Engagement to followers ratio

If you are analyzing and not getting more engagement but still have a high follower number, then there must be chances of fake followers in that case too. Even when their number of followers increases, real followers frequently interact with the influencer’s content. Despite having a large following, engagement may fluctuate or dip suddenly for an influencer, which may be a sign of fake or inactive accounts.

  1. Absurd and spam comments on posts 

One of the best ways to determine whether an account has real followers is to investigate the Comment section. By doing so, you will develop a critical outlook because it will be easy for you to distinguish between genuine comments and those made with the aim of raising the number of comments. You will find that they are using spam or irrelevant context texts in their comments.

  1. Irrelevant names and bios:

Usually, it is seen that fake follower accounts have an absolutely nonsensical username and BIOS, reflecting that they are not meant for socialization or any ideal purpose but rather to make it look real. Instead of providing meaningful information or insights into the account holder’s interests, passions, or personality, these bios often consist of generic phrases, random quotes, or spam-like content. They lack the depth and authenticity that real users would typically express in their bios.

  1. Use fake follower detective tools and apps:  

It is difficult to make decisions exclusively based on visual cues; we cannot simply compare engagement rates or look at followers to make our decisions.  Fortunately, there are some tools available to assist you in more accurately identifying it. With the support of such tools, you can quickly uncover advanced algorithms and data analysis to determine the truthfulness of an influencer’s following.

Worth having genuine followers?

“What your talent can give you, money can never buy you.”

Although it may be tempting to gain Instagram followers in India overnight and to become more well-liked in your group or community, doing so won’t give your account the desirable reach it deserves and will likely damage your algorithm.

You must keep in mind that developing an authentic identity and achieving popularity depend on your ability to engage an audience. This process may take some time, but it will be worth it because it will last forever, not just for a short period of time.


We have provided all the information necessary to identify the genuine content developer who is competing to become an influential being and getting tempted by any shortcuts. Do choose your inspiration wisely, and if you’re looking for brand collaboration or brand partnership, you’ve probably already manually checked out the methods mentioned above.

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