How to Improve Your Home Space with a Terrace Enclosure


Closing a terrace is a great way to gain some valuable meters. It is usually a space not much used, except maybe in summer when you want to enjoy the sun, or the cool air at night. Enclosures for terraces have become more popular in recent months, but many apartments are so small they can still be a great option to create an extra room. If you are short on space, this is a great option.

Before constructing terrace enclosures, you need to consider several factors. Terrace enclosures require the permission of the City Council as this is a large project. The community of neighbors is also a factor.

According to top Barrie basement renovation contractors, this type of renovation requires a change to the façade. The terrace is not for the exclusive use of those who live there but is part of the entire building. The rest of the building owners will need to be consulted for their approval.

Plan terrace enclosure installation

The work can begin once you have obtained the approval of the local community, authorization from the City Council, and the construction permit. You must, of course, take into consideration several factors and suggestions. It is important to first hire a company with experience in the renovation field.

If possible, you should also get plans for the building. You must review them with the responsible for the company to determine if they contain any construction peculiarities that could affect the job.

These peculiarities include the existence of pillars or load-bearing walls along the wall that separate the terrace from the living room or the room that provides access to the terrace.

How to get the best results from an enclosure?

The floor and ceiling of the terrace and living room are almost always different. They will need to be made uniform for the space not to appear cut off. Most commonly, the floor and roof of the terrace are changed.

It will then have the same look and feel as the living room. Also, It will be easier to do this if you have a wood floor, as the color and varnish of the existing floor will be uneven.

It is best to check the tiled floor for any leftovers. It is especially important if the floor is the original one. Builders sometimes leave leftover tiles or tiles on the property so that their neighbors can use them for construction. If the tiles have been in the house for a while, it may be hard to find them. It may then be necessary for the whole floor in both the living room as well as the terrace.

Closures are available in a variety of styles:

We have already seen how to build terrace enclosures. Now let’s look at the most common enclosures. The company that is hired to renovate your home will usually be the one that will study the options and advise you which ones are best for your situation. You should, however, know the types of enclosures so you can select the best one for your house.

Types of Materials

In general, the materials that are used will differentiate the different types of enclosures, since the level of closing will, as we’ve seen, be determined by both the height of the window and the ability to open them more or less.

Or, you can move them to the front so that it is opened. This is a common option, especially when the separation between the living room, terrace, and both rooms is still not complete. The enclosures can be made using fixed glass panels or sliding windows.

Penthouse terraces

We have discussed the most common way to close a terrace by adding another one on top. There is an alternative option for attic terrace enclosures: they can be with mobile roofing. In these cases, enclosures will need to be along with a metal structure where panels will be installed.

They can be moved or removed depending on what the residents of the home need at the time. The windows are usually mobile or foldable to allow the enclosure’s front to be almost fully open. This article on how to make the most of your terrace is sure to give you some good ideas.

Window types

In most cases, the best insulation for terrace enclosures is achieved with reinforced windows. This is a good way to achieve thermal insulation, as we’ve already mentioned. Acoustically, too, as the glass’ properties can reduce the sound impact from the outside.

PVC and aluminum enclosures, with glass or polycarbonate windows, are among the most popular.

You can see that there are many options and materials for terrace enclosures. So that the enclosure is permanent and creates a larger space, but also so that it may be removed from the window or ceiling at any time.

All depends on your needs, budget, and available resources. You can count on us for this useful renovation. Need any further assistance? Contact The Renovators of Canada and get the best renovation services in all Greater Toronto Areas (GTA).

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