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Convert my logo to vector

People are confused over the difference of image file types these days. With too many businesses keen to develop their presence on the internet, the term convert my logo to vector seems in high demand. Almost 70% of the queries requesting the conversion are still confused why they need it. Since their marketers or printers have asked them for a vector file of their logo, business owners sometimes fail to understand why their standard logo file cannot be used. If you have decided to advertise your business either online or offline, you need to understand the role of various file formats. The knowledge will help you communicate better with the developers and advertisers. You will understand better if your branding is being done properly or not?

What is the Difference Between a Vector and a Raster?

It would make complete sense to highlight the major difference in the most widely used image forms – Rasters and Vectors.

Raster Images

Raster images are formed by the combination of many colored boxes also known as pixels. An individual pixel cannot be a complete picture. JPEG, GIF and PNG are common raster image file formats. Almost all the images present on the internet are raster images. The reason for having a plethora of this file format is the use of cameras or scanners because every image taken by them is in a raster format.

Convert Your Logo to Vector

As these images are composed of a fixed number of pixels, you simply cannot resize them beyond a certain point without breaking them into boxes. If you stretch or squeeze a picture to fit in a size it wasn’t designed for, the image or logo distorts. This is a major reason when people try to alter an image, it pixelates and becomes a low resolution image. Therefore, you must keep the raster images within the dimensions.

Vector Images

Vector images are like elastic. They can stretch, or compress and can be resized to any possible dimensions without losing their quality. Unlike the formula of using blocks to create them as in the above case, they are based on mathematical calculations. The most commonly known formats are EPS, AI, and SVG. In general, a PDF file is also a vector file but it depends on how it was originally made. Since there is an option to save raster images as PDF too, it doesn’t convert it into a vector.

To use your company logo for advertising, branding and other publishing purposes the need to convert a logo into vector is undeniable. It is common practice for designers to initially design a logo in raster format. You would certainly have the file delivered to you in a JPEG or PNG format. But now that you are taking business advertising to the next level, you should have a vector file created and also save the master file.

Having the master file will allow you to use it on smaller items such as letterheads, envelopes, a business card and also on large surfaces, such as your personal business jet. Make sure, whenever you need to use it, create a new copy and then work on it. In case you make a mistake and do not understand how it can be rectified, the master copy is intact and can be used to create a new file.

Convert Your Logo to Vector

Designers today use a variety of software to create vector logos and to convert images or designs into vector format. But if you are curious to know about the most widely used software, it is not a single name but two. The Adobe Suite and Corel Draw top the list as the best software in the design industry. Both are owned by different companies and have a completely different look and feel to it. It is the choice of the designer to pick from any of the two to complete his task.

Vector My Logo

The conversion process is not a very simple one because you need to trace the entire image using a variety of tools. To be a master converter for raster to vector art, it is impertinent to have prior experience with the software and tools. To become a designer who can handle any task without messing it up, years of training and hundreds of practice hours are required. People mostly think they can convert their logo to vector simply by installing software and running it.

Another misconception, generally created by marketers, is that the conversion can be done for free. This is not true because if you find such a link on the internet, be sure that it is either a scam or a click bait. There is no free conversion because a machine cannot do it without the input from an experienced human. The intricacies cannot be judged by software alone and it becomes necessary for a designer to be involved.

Absolute Digitizing Can Convert Your Logo to Vector

If you are reading our blog chances are, either you are looking for an expert to convert a logo to vector, or you are in search of some free ways to do it. As explained above, the conversion process isn’t a combination of a few clicks but is a time taking task. For the experts, it doesn’t take much time to complete the conversion without mistakes.

Thus, it is not worth your time to experiment on mistrusted ways and end up getting scammed. If you are looking to learn the art of vectorization, then stay tuned to our blog because we will be sharing lots more on this topic in the future. In the meantime, you can read our blog titled Why You Need to Convert an Image to Vector for more details on the subject.

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