Moving On From Break-Ups: Tips For International Students

Moving On From Break-Ups: Tips For International Students

Moving on from your break-ups for international students can become quite rigorous as they often lack a direct connection with their source of strength i.e. their family. It becomes more rigorous when your ex-lover is there to pull you back into all those memories. Things become chaotic and the tension of debts, responsibilities, etc. hovers over your mind. 

To be genuine, moving on from break-ups is difficult and takes time and self-love. You might be hankering to sit alone and think over the things or the old memories. One of the strongest questions that will pull your attention would be “Why this happened to me”. 

You might be feeling dead in bed, not ready to wake up, and just want to be there in your bed forever. But waking up is necessary as your family has invested huge bundles of money into preparing you to study abroad. Therefore, you wake up but you have something in your heart that is not ready to face the world. 

To enliven yourself, you have to give yourself some time and stop running from the pain. Convert your pain into words and then, in humble prayers to your inner self. In this article, we will guide you on how international students can move on from break-ups. 

We are sure that you will get the best help from these pointers that we have collected from the people who have gone through this pain and have managed to get out of the negative thought pattern. 

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Tips for international students to move on from break-ups:

Sit alone with yourself for sometime 

Daily for half an hour, learn to sit with yourself alone. This is crucial for growth, otherwise, you will find it hard to make the best decisions for yourself and feel stuck in your daily tasks. Get some time, get a cup of coffee, and sit with yourself alone to make some decisions on your growth. 

There is nothing wrong with thinking negative thoughts but you must know where to stop them. A very drastic thing has happened to you, your dreams are broken, your heart is feeling dead, and you are cursing yourself for being stupid in love. Running from the pain that is now converted into words will only harm you. 

Accept the reality and let go 

Accept the reality to grow and live your life to the fullest. Also, accept that you have regret and if you have made efforts truly from your heart then, what’s the point in regretting if your ex-lover is happy?  

Sit peacefully and understand the importance of acceptance.  But to accept the reality, you have to seek it first. If he or she is happy without you, there is no point in regretting this for a long time. Love seeks happiness, peace, and freedom. 

Find happiness in little things 

There is peace in separation. Sometimes, there is peace in separation rather than being connected with your ex-lover. Enjoy making efforts for your happiness now rather than begging someone to stay in your life. Just sit in your room, enjoy a cup of coffee or soup, and find happiness in cuddling puppies, looking at the sky, taking a bath in the rain, looking at the flowers, etc. 

Embrace self-love in order to forgive and forget the person you love. 


Practice forgiving him by thinking good for yourself. Forgiving sets you free from the negative thought pattern. Don’t use harsh words for them even in your mind. Practice forgiving them daily. Also, sometimes, forgiving is not in other hands, it is up to the creator of the world. Let everything be in his hands. 

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An international student must get at least 15 minutes to get in touch with the people who love him or care for him because this is one of the best therapy for your peace of mind. Practice paying natural attention to the tasks you are doing right now to get rid of negative thoughts. Read “The Miracle of Mindfulness” free pdf to get out of the depressing thought pattern. Also, if you feel that things are not in your control anymore, practice paying Tahjjud or Amritvela or simply the early morning prayers to seek the best help. 

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