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First of all prepare your mind to perform umrah this year take the opportunity for granted. Appreciate that you are among the few chosen by Allah for this honor and acknowledge the fact. That he provided you with this opportunity put you in the position to afford it and so that you be grateful to Allah. It is time to plan for how you are going to make the most out of it that you have made the important decision. You should understand the proper procedure of performing umrah to reap maximum rewards and benefits. If you want to perform umrah you can choose the Cheap Umrah packages from UK. We have compiled this comprehensive step by step umrah guide for your help to perform umrah. We provide umrah guide for your spiritual journey to mecca so that it will let you know how to do umrah before heading.

What is Umrah?

The word umrah has been derived from the Arabic language which is defined as a visit. Furthermore in Islamic term, umrah refers to performing a visit to the holy Kaaba for the performance of the lesser pilgrimage in mecca. It is the based on the teachings of Allah’s prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) an act of worship. Umrah can be performed any time during the year as opposite to hajj specific days. In life one should show as much worship as possible. The basic rituals of umrah comprises four pillars including wearing ihram, Tawaf-e Kaaba, Sai on between Safa and Marwah, Halq and Taqseer.  Four essential methods perform Umrah. We have put together all the rules of hajj and umrah into a simple guide to make sure you can perform this spiritual obligation correctly.   

Firstly- Ritual is Ihram

Ihram is a necessary ritual for anyone who plans to perform hajj and umrah. Your hajj or umrah would not be acceptable without ihram. First of all, for your awareness what is ihram actually?  Before while perform hajj or umrah, firstly ihram is a specific clothing that pilgrims wear. Wearing the right clothes and entering the holy state requires performing certain cleansing rituals. Wear same color clothing’s pilgrims turn up at the house of Allah. It creates total equality and brotherhood in Muslims pilgrims. There by removes all social and all financial differences between them. When you go for umrah or hajj you cannot difference the rich and the poor. That entering ihram places you under specific restrictions which is important to understand that you must be aware of.

The order of ihram for menfor men Ihram clothing’s includes two sheets of white cloth, one for the upper half of the body and the other for the lower half.

The order of ihram for women
The order of ihram for women ihram any fully white or black clothing that fully covers their body except face and hands is their ihram.  For women are permitted to wear stitched clothes during umrah or Hajj. Women should refrain from exhibit any part of their body except the face and hands.  

Secondly – Ritual is Tawaf al Umrah

In the context of umrah or hajj Tawaf is the practice of performing seven anti-clockwise circles of the Kaaba. Tawaf has been derived from Arabic language word Tafa, which mean to encircle something. Which forms a necessary part of umrah while there are five different types of Tawaf.
Preparation you must be free from all major and minor impurities, be in state of wudhu to perform Tawaf. Carry out the ablution again and resume your Tawaf from where you left so if your wudhu ends at any points during the Tawaf. Tawaf is one of the main rite of Umrah and passenger who want to avail the 14 Nights 4 Star Umrah Package from the CheapUmrahPackage at the price of £ 995.00. Naturally be in ihram clothing, which will be clean and pure. Where black stone or Hijr al- Aswad is positioned which the starting point for Tawaf is the corner of the Kaaba.

Thirdly- Ritual is Sai

Sai is a mandatory ritual in umrah like Tawaf. It is the practice of fast walking between the mount of Safa and Marwah seven time, in simply words is called Sai. Seven time fast walking between Safa and Marwah after for completing your Sai performing third ritual of Umrah. Between the two mount of Safa and Marwah two mounts of green fluorescent lights positioned around 50 meter apart, so start fast walking to Marwah. Between Safa and Marwah two mountains women should proceed walking at their normal speed but men should run at a medium pace. This ritual of Umrah is performed in memory of Hazrat Hajirah, the wife or Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Who run between Safa and Marwah after seeing her son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) suffering from thirst?

Fourthly- ritual is Halq and Taqseer

Start the fourth ritual of umrah Halq and Taqseer after sai you will need to perform Halq or Taqseer to exit the state of ihram. You will stay in the state of ihram unless you perform this critical step. Taqseer mean trimming the hair whereas Halq refers to the shaving of the head.  Run a razor over your head to complete ritual even if you do not have any hair. All side of the head where hair is present a minimum amount of hair must be trimmed equal to the length of a fingertip from all side of head for Taqseer. For women, they only need to trim a fingertip’s length from the end of their hair, and women on the other hand are forbidden to perform Halq.

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